The worse-case pandemic scenerio is here. Worldwide, more than 720,000 people have been infected and nearly 34,000 have died. The numbers tripple every 3 days. Millions more will be exposed, and this is probably just the fist round.

There is good news! We can significantly slow down COVID-19 transmission by taking simple precautions. Protect yourself, and others. Start wearing a mask!

Research shows that wearing a mask correclty is an effective method to fight against the COVID-19, and other pathogens. Masks help the same reason that we cover our mouths when we cough, It reduces the spread of arolsolized liquids. People don't realize how much vapor they exhale just through normal breathing, but try spending the night in an enclosed space, like a small camper, with no ventalization, and you quickly realize how much vapor you exhale. Many people have mild symptoms or are completely asymtomatic, but still able to spread COVID-19

Look at the studies that show wearing a mask helps:

It's pretty easy to see the benefits. You'll stay healthy, and still being able to leave your house to work, and attend social gatherings.

It might seem weird at first, and take awile to get use to because of our culture, but this is about safety! We need to make changes to our way of life if want to beat COVID-19. This is a huge wake-up call. Show your support, wear a mask to join the fight.

You're going to see a lot more masks in the coming months, and maybe years. It's already staring. Just look at these testomonials:

___       ___
|___|   |___|
'I love masks' 'me too'

To make it a little easier to transition, you can create a UNIQUE, CUSTOM DESIGNED mask. If we're going to normalize this thing, let's have some fun with it, why don't we.

Our masks are not mass produced. They are custom made one at a time by our professional seamstresses, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the quality.

Most of our masks are custom made on an individual basis, and as you know, demand is high, and growing! Order yours today so we can get started immediately!

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself, and your loved ones. Order your custom designed mask right now. You definitley won't be sorry.

This is a warning to all of us that we need to take decisive action to protect our most precious asset- our health! Don't take unnecessary risks.

Remember to stay safe out there!

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